This site was developed by school library media specialists in Athens-Clarke County Georgia.  Recently, funding for our programs has been cut, resulting in the loss of our media paraprofessionals at every grade level, drastically diminishing the effectiveness of our programs.

We fear that our media programs might be in jeopardy of being entirely eliminated from our schools in the near future.

In our school library media centers, we work to enable students to be critical thinkers, readers, and researchers.  We promote the love of reading through our media programs, and share the latest books. We teach, assist, and provide professional development and programming to all members of the school community.  We model 21st century learning initiatives to the entire school. These goals are accomplished best through accessible, quality, full-staffed media centers and media programs.

On other sections of this site you can read letters we have written to the school board, research on why school library programs are crucial to student success, alternative suggestions for cutting the budget without cutting library programming (or other teaching positions), and other information (including details about the work of first grade paraprofessionals).  Thank you for advocating for our schools!


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  1. Brenda Poss says:

    As a mother of two who graduated from Clarke County Schools, and as an educator of 37 years, I am appalled at the cuts being considered by our local school district. No position which serves as a support for our children needs to be cut. No programs which serve our children’s needs should be cut. There ARE other alternatives. My first suggestion would be to start at the top. A salary reduction — a percentage to be determined — would hardly be felt at our top level positions. Secondly, look at things / events / activities that are presently being paid for but which could be taken over by parent and community volunteers. In times such as our present budget crisis, volunteers are abundant because of their strong desire to maintain the very best for our youth. I refuse to accept arguments that there are no alternatives except to cut programs. If we continue to eliminate resources for our children, our community will surely live long enough to have great regrets. Let our school parent-teacher organizations brainstorm ways to survive this time of fiscal uncertainty. They are stakeholders in this process and will give their finest ideas and work.

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