Suggestions for Saving Money in CCSD

It is best for all students to have fully staffed schools, and for their teachers to be supported.  Instead of cutting positions of people who work directly with students, we would like the board to:
  • Furlough 248 day contract employees to 225 days
  • Apply pay cuts and/or additional furlough days to top 10% of salaried employees
  • Or  add additional  furlough day for all employees— an additional three  days furloughing all  nine days— -$435,000 saved per furlough day x 9 days = $3, 915,000 saved with 9 furlough days
  • Cut professional learning from outside consultants, limit professional learning to only those funded by local school level funds, offer professional learning from the expertise already within our district.  This might mean delaying IB training or delaying the number of teachers sent to training.

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