Tedder and Weaver Letter to the Board

April 25, 2012

Clarke County Board of Education
240 Mitchell Bridge Road
Athens, GA 30606

Dr. Lanoue, Mr. Bierly and Clarke County School District Board Members:

It is with great sincerity that we write a letter of achievement on behalf of our media clerk, Dorothy Burwell. Mrs. Burwell has dedicated twenty-three years of service to the students of Clarke County. In addition she has reared five children all of whom graduated from Clarke County schools. She has served
as a paraprofessional in the elementary and high school levels, performing an array of professional duties needed to make the school the best it could be. In light of recent events at the county level, Mrs. Burwell’s many dedicated years as an educator and Clarke County employee have been proposed to come to an end, shortly before her opportunity to retire at sixty-five years of age.

Mrs. Burwell’s role as media clerk is without a doubt, an integral part of the daily functioning of Clarke Central’s media center. Mrs. Burwell elects to open the doors at 7:00 A.M. in order to meet any students who may need to use the computers prior to school hours. Also, she participates as a facilitator of the Pathways Tutoring Program, providing extra opportunities for students to gain extra academic instruction. We have personally witnessed Mrs. Burwell providing academic assistance to students throughout the day who made need help with research or simply an art project. Mrs. Burwell never hesitates to go the extra mile for the students with whom she has practically watched grow from small children to young adults.

One of the many goals of the Clarke Central Media Center is to provide collaborative opportunities for teachers with media specialists. Because we collaborate with classroom teachers in guiding instruction and research with students, Mrs. Burwell is oftentimes leaned upon to ensure that the circulation desk is managed and that all students are assisted with their needs. The media center is also seeking Exemplary Library Media Status by the state of Georgia. This status is an elite status of media programs across the state and requires that each media specialist be working hands-on with students and teachers
throughout the day. Without Mrs. Burwell’s hard work and effective management of the daily functions of the media center, Clarke Central High School will struggle in reaching this elite status, ultimately hindering the progress of the school’s academic status.

Mrs. Dorothy Burwell has devoted her life to the children of Clarke County and has been a dedicated employee for many years. Please give careful consideration to her dedication by evaluating her position as media clerk and making her a permanent part of the Clarke Central High School Media Center.


Lindy Smith Weaver and

Kacy Allen Tedder


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